Accolades for OperaArts

Dear Arlene,

Please forgive my rather tardy note to thank you for such a great opportunity for my students.  My kids had a fantastic time at Opera in the Park. A whole new world was shown them which made a great impression. Being exposed to opera, for the first time for most, was something magical.

I heard the sound check before I had to leave for my show and was impressed by the quality of the singers and the orchestra. When I got back to pick up the kids, all I heard were rave revues.

Our bus driver was on time, professional and accommodating. The whole day could not have been better.  My kids and I thank you for this opportunity and hope to see this wonderful program continued.

John Salerno

Salton City, West Shores Jr-Sr High School

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Dearest Arlene,

Here is a comment from me… “It is SO exciting that OperaArts is now finding its voice beginning this next April and I for one, having heard some wonderful voices in Palm Desert, know that this endeavor will be extremely beautiful and full of the first class treatment that Palm Springs patrons are deserving! It is wonderful that this new “company” will really give a boost to the young singers and future stars of the world!!! a great big toi toi toi to you ALL!!!”

Carol Vaness


Dear Arlene,

It’s my pleasure to wish OperaArts all my best wishes for opening a new and important door to the operatic world. We always need more arenas for singers to perform in and by creating this new home in Palm Springs you are giving many singers the chance to do what they love the most, SING. All my best for this great endeavor and may you prosper and help in the creation of many new singers for years to come. As we say in the operatic world: MERDE, TOI, TOI, TOI and ln bocca al lupo.


Vinson Cole

Dear Arlene,

I have long been a fan of all you do to make this desert a better place. Once again, I’ll watch you hit the ball out of the park as you share your enthusiasm for the magic and beauty of opera with the youth and senior citizens of our community. I know Opera Arts will be a great success with you and your gifted team leading the way. Break a leg!


Barbara Keller

As a resident of the Inland Empire, I am excited to welcome OperaArts to the arts scene! OperaArts represents a major opportunity for young singers and opera fans in a geographical area that has been sorely lacking in opera: all points EAST of Los Angeles! I applaud Arlene and everyone else whose work, generosity and vision have made OperaArts a reality. You have my support and enthusiasm for your efforts! Onward and upward.

Rod Gilfry


OperaArts is the extraordinary example of what it means to “give” a performance. Bringing the gift of music to underserved areas sounds so cliche but there is absolutely nothing cliche in witnessing first hand a room full of every type of person, young, seasoned, well and undertheweathered, lifting their voices and arms to the stars in music. Music is truly a joy that makes us alive. And its something we can do as a community…lift our voices together. OperaArts makes certain that EVERYONE in the Desert has a chance to experience that joy. Bravo, OperaArts, bravo!

Suzanna Guzman

Mezzo-Soprano, Los Angeles Opera