When I Rise 6 – Single Ticket



Sunday, March 25, 2018, 6:30-9:00pm
Spencer’s Restaurant • Palm Springs

Help us honor these outstanding women!

The event is to be held in the Bougainvillea Room at Spencer’s Restaurant with a cocktail reception held poolside.

When I Rise was created to recognize an individual or individuals who have overcome unfair obstacles in life and have risen against those odds to become outstanding human beings. We find such individuals in the arts, the sports world, as activists, as professionals, as workers.

These people are those who exemplify and embody the true human spirit and who have forged a path that others recognize as a noble endeavor.

The sixth annual When I Rise Inspiration Awards will honor
Ronni Sanlo and Kelly Watson, authors, writers, activists, who have helped bring positive change to so many.

$150.00 per person
Call (760) 323-8353 for reservations or more information,


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